Podiatry is a specialised field in healthcare that focuses on lower limbs

Did You Know?

Your Feet Have a Quarter of All Bones in Your Body

Each foot contains 26 bones, which means that the 52 bones in both feet make up about 25% of all the bones in your body.

The Average Person Walks Around the Earth Five Times in a Lifetime

Over a lifetime, the average person will walk approximately 115,000 miles. That's equivalent to walking around the Earth's equator five times!

Foot Problems Can Signal Other Health Issues

Your feet can be the first to show signs of systemic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory disorders.

What Does A Podiatrist Do?

Podiatrists in Singapore mainly focus on non-invasive methods to address foot problems that can be managed with conservative options, and we work closely with medical doctors and surgeons for more severe patient cases for pre- and post-surgery rehabilitative care so as to ensure the best clinical outcome for our patients.

Diagnose, manage and rehabilitate abnormalities of the lower extremities
Restore optimal foot health and proper leg function
Prevent painful complications and the possible loss of mobility.

A Podiatrist’s Qualifications

Across the globe, training to be a podiatrist (with the exception of the United States) generally requires a 3 to 4 years full-time bachelor’s degree, clinical training and hospital placement programmes. Podiatrists trained in the United States are Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.). They are fully qualified as foot and ankle physicians or surgeons.

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