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    Our Fees & Prices

    At East Coast Podiatry, we believe in patient education during each appointment session. This belief extends to transparency in our fees and prices. We strive to provide you with a clear understanding of your clinic bill, making your recovery experience with us a pleasant one.

    Your path to recovery starts with a consultation with our podiatrist. Upon diagnosis, your podiatrist will advise you on the available options for your condition and the accompanying charges prior to proceeding with the recommended interventions.

    Initial Consultation (30mins) $150
    Initial Consultation (30mins – Prepaid before appointment) $100
    Brief Consultation (10mins) $50
    Review Consultation $100 onwards
    Standard Orthotics $250
    Prescription Foot Orthotics $600
    Prescription Ankle-Foot Orthotics $2,500
    Prescription Ankle-Foot Orthotics – Paediatrics $2,500
    MSK Assessment & Prescription Design $300
    Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) $250
    Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT) $250
    Super Inductive System Therapy $250
    Ingrown Toenail – Basic Management $200
    Ingrown Toenail – Standard Removal $800
    Ingrown Toenail – Complete Procedure $1,500
    Fungal Nail/Skin Therapy (PACT) $85
    Wart Cryotherapy $150
    Warts Removal Procedure Podiatrist to advise
    Routine Care (Nails, Corns, Calluses) $80 to $150
    Wound Care $150 – $300
    Sports Taping $30

    The cost of these podiatric services vary depending on the specific plan prescribed by your podiatrist. Please contact us for further information. Professional fees and charges are indicative and subject to 8% GST.

    What Modes of Payment Do You Accept?

    We accept cash (SGD) and the following payment options:

    Easy Monthly Payment Plan Options

    Exercise more flexibility over how you pay by splitting into smaller payments over time.

    Enjoy 0% interest & flexible payments of up to 12 months when you pay with selected credit cards or payment platform:

    DBS / POSB6 or 12 months payment plan 6 or 12 months payment plan Terms and Conditions
    OCBC6 or 12 months payment plan 6 or 12 months payment plan Terms and Conditions
    UOB6 or 12 months payment plan 6 or 12 months payment plan Terms and Conditions
    American Express6 or 12 months payment plan 6 or 12 months payment plan Terms and Conditions
    Atome3 or 6 months payment plan 3 or 6 months payment plan Terms and Conditions

    0% interest payment plan is not applicable for partner/bank-issued American Express credit cards.

    A one-time processing fee of up to 3% will apply for the Atome Pay-In-6 months payment plan.

    Cardmembers please refer to your respective bank websites for more information.

    Find out more

    It really depends on the severity and underlying cause of your condition. Podiatric care will not be the same for everyone, your podiatrist will personalise a plan that is tailored specifically to address your condition.

    Flat foot is an umbrella term for many types of pes planus conditions. Please speak to your podiatrist to find out what type of flat foot condition you have and they will be able to advise you on the cost. Typically, flat foot can be addressed with customised foot orthotics.

    It really depends on the severity of your condition; there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Your podiatrist will customise a strategy that is tailored specifically to address your heel pain.

    The cost and number of sessions depends on the severity of your fungal condition. There is no standard solution for everyone. Your podiatrist will have to assess the severity of the fungus affected area and advise you on the estimated number of sessions required to see results.

    At the moment we are unable to accept any of the above.

    Please visit our page here for more answers: FAQ: Insurance Claims.

    Patient Testimonials


    Mile Sikic

    April 2022

    Georgina is an amazing podiatrist. She has helped me with toenail fungal infection and provided me with a bunch of advices related to my feet. Highly recommend!

    Wiryadi Hamidon

    June 2022

    Good job guys! After the minor accident on my toe nail, it has healed 100%. I was so worried as i am diabetic for 15 years. Now i still have my right big toe is ok now. Execllent job guys and the peripherals provided for home care is top notch…

    Li wen H

    August 2020

    Ms Afnan was very professional. I had a partially torn plantar plate and hence, underwent 4 sessions of shockwave therapy and also made custom insoles. My foot is no longer in pain! Clinic is very clean and spacious. Staff are all very friendly.

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