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Corns and Callus

Callus develops on high pressure or irritated areas of skin, especially on the foot. These are not contagious. If callus or corns become too thick they may become painful which limits your daily activities and general well-being.


Those with diabetes or reduced circulation should not allow callus to get too thick as this can lead to serious foot problems such as wounds. People with certain deformities of the foot, such as hammer toes, are prone to corns and calluses.


We recommend caution when using home remedies as many contain acid to help break down tissue in the attempt to remove the corn. If the corn or callus on your foot is giving you pain or causing irritation then it is best to see a Podiatrist for conservative management. Corn removal treatments may require a few sessions. Same goes for callus removal treatments. Our podiatrists at East Coast Podiatry Singapore would remove the corn and educate you on how to maintain and offload the area for long-term relief.


Offloading often comes from insoles/orthotics in your shoes.


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