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Foot & Ankle Clinic in Singapore

East Coast Podiatry is a specialist outpatient service for conservative treatment of the foot, ankle and associated structures of the lower limb. We are a leading private group practice in Singapore with an international team of Podiatrists operating several full-scale professional Podiatric centres in Orchard, Novena and Kembangan.

East Coast Podiatry also operates the Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, a specialised clinical unit that focuses in high risk wound care for diabetic patients.


Podiatrists offer expert foot-care advice and treatment solutions, as well as preventative measures for patients to avoid the need for surgery, or to offer advice to the most appropriate medical specialist if the condition presents a need for surgery. Podiatrists in Singapore specialise on non-invasive methods for a wide range of lower extremity pathologies including general pain up to the knees, hip or back that could be a result of a disorder of the foot.

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Various Soft Tissue Conditions



Why East Coast Podiatry?

Our Podiatrists are internationally trained clinical professionals from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom with respective license and accreditation. Leading the clinical team is Principal Podiatrist Dr. Michael Lai who is an American podiatric surgeon and Georgina Callaghan-Tay who trained in Salford (UK), with prior years of experience in local public institutes such as Singapore General Hospital and local Polyclinics.


Our familiarity with the Singapore’s public and private healthcare system ensures that our patients receive prompt recognition and correct care with us including referring for care to medical specialists. We believe in offering holistic management to help our patients become pain-free.


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