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Foot & Ankle Clinic in Singapore

East Coast Podiatry is a specialist outpatient service for non-surgical treatment of the foot, ankle and associated structures of the lower limb. We are a leading private practice in Singapore with an international team of Podiatrists operating several full-scale professional Podiatric centres in Orchard, Novena and Kembangan.

Podiatrists specialise in non-invasive treatment methods for a wide range of foot and lower leg pathologies. Our clinics employ a multi-pronged approach, utilising a range of mild to high-intensity treatment methods to rapidly speed up the recovery process, making us the preferred choice for working professionals and students who cannot afford to spend time away from work, school or sports.

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Various Soft Tissue Conditions


Why East Coast Podiatry?

Our practice was founded on the vision of being a leader in foot and lower limb care, by bringing together a highly committed team of podo specialists who would strive to offer the highest quality of podiatric care, and dedication to the people who trust us for their foot health. Today East Coast Podiatry is a leader in Podiatric medicine in Singapore, we have become the foot healthcare service of choice by many people in Singapore and international patients.


Abundant information is available on our website, we have included many of our useful educational videos to help educate you on foot care for yourself and your family.


Our familiarity with the Singapore’s public and private healthcare system ensures that our patients receive prompt recognition and correct care with us including referring for care to medical specialists if the condition presents a need for surgery.  We believe in offering holistic management to help our patients become pain-free.


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Louis & Ben at ISMST | East Coast Podiatry
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The International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment Congress 2018

Dismal weather did not hinder two of our Podiatrists Benedict Khoo and Louis Loy, from attending ISMST 2018 in the beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. Held annually, the Congress gathers multidisciplinary professionals..
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Shockwave Expert Shakes Things Up

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Podiatrist Interns from the University of Huddersfield

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Specialised Foot ClinicPodiatrists Al Maskari & Dzulkifle
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Foot Care for Everyone

There are over 7 Billion people in 193 countries and an innumerable number of cultural and social practices across the globe. As these numbers continue to grow, the need for personalised..
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Dangers of a “Rich Diet”

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