Maria Salus

Maria Salus, BSc. Hons

  • Member of the Association of Podiatric Medicine (Singapore)
English, Polish
Clinical Interests: Podiatric Care for Children • Sports Injury • Soft Tissue and Minor Surgical Procedures

East Coast Podiatry kembangan

18 Jalan Masjid . Kembangan Plaza #B1-02 . Singapore 418944

Maria Zofia Salus, a dedicated Polish Podiatrist, honed her expertise in podiatric medicine at the University of Northampton in the UK, graduating with first-class honors. At East Coast Podiatry’s Kembangan branch in Singapore’s east, Maria tends to patients with precision and care.

In her practice, Maria specializes in a wide array of conditions, offering holistic care to working adults grappling with foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back pain, along with general skin and nail concerns.

Maria’s passion for early intervention in paediatric cases and her holistic approach to sports and soft tissue procedures stem from her belief that timely professional guidance can avert severe complications. Her ultimate aspiration is to empower her patients, ensuring they lead vibrant, pain-free lives.

Podiatric Care for Children

Maria’s unwavering dedication to paediatric podiatry shines through in her approach. She takes pride in guiding children through developmental milestones, from addressing common concerns like ingrown toenails to managing flat feet and postural issues. Her vibrant demeanour fosters an environment conducive to children’s healthy growth. Being results driven, she ensures that both parents and children are clear on their treatment goals and expected outcomes, and strives to achieve these in the shortest possible time.

Sports Injury

With a personal affinity for tennis, swimming, cycling, and yoga, Maria intimately understands the essence of peak performance. Leveraging her expertise in sports podiatry, she adeptly prevents and treats sports-related injuries, aids in rehabilitation, and fine-tunes performance, enabling patients to excel in their athletic pursuits.

Soft Tissue and Minor Surgical Procedures

Maria’s finesse in minimally invasive procedures, resolving issues like ingrown toenails and verruca infections, exemplifies her precision and dedication. Her skillful interventions swiftly alleviate chronic pain, allowing patients to swiftly resume their daily routines.

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