Photodynamic Therapy (PACT)

Photodynamic Anti-mycotic (fungal) therapy (PACT) is a new, safe and effective light therapy used to address fungal nail infections. Fungal organisms that cause fungal nail infections can be effectively eliminated by photodynamic action employing phenothiazinium, porphyrin and phthalocyanine photosensitisers.

However, it is safe that it selectively destroys fungi rather than human cells. It is also advisable for use with people with fungal nails that are difficult to manage due to underlying medical conditions that affect their immune system and other high-risk groups such as age, diabetes and other medical conditions.

PACT Treatment

Who is this therapy suitable for?

Your podiatrist will be able to identify if you are suitable for PACT following a thorough consultation gathering your medical history and lifestyle. Once your podiatrist has identified the infection, PACT therapy will be utilised. Due to ongoing developments in medical research, PACT therapy has also been found safe to be used for skin conditions such as warts and acne.

To date, there has been no report of negative side effects from PACT therapy. It is a safe and suitable procedure even for patients with underlying chronic medical conditions. However, it is important to note that in very rare instances, some may develop an allergic reaction towards the gel. Nevertheless, extended exposure does not have any negative reactions to the body.

PACT Treatment Photosensitive Agent

What happens if you are suitable for PACT therapy?

Your podiatrist will be able to suggest the number of sessions required depending on the severity of your condition. It is important that you follow the instructions accordingly to ensure the effectiveness of the session as certain conditions such as fungal nail can be chronic and difficult to address.

In some cases, patients would require more sessions than others depending on the severity of the condition. Furthermore, a repeated session may be offered as prophylaxis to prevent future spreading after the condition has subsided.
PACT is a combination of a sensitising drug and visible light that causes selective destruction of microbial including fungal cells. This involves applying a photosensitive agent that is usually blue in colour and oxygen to produce a local chemical effect.

Before beginning PACT, the fungal nail must first be debrided in order to fully expose the underlying fungal elements. This step is essential as any fungus located beneath the nail plate will not be exposed to the gel, reducing the effectiveness. Our anti-fungal topical gel is then applied to the nail/nail bed. The visible light from the PACT machine will emit a wavelength which activates the modules within the PACT gel creating a chemical response that destroys the fungal cells.

Other consideration

Your podiatrist will also advise you on ways to prevent the condition from spreading either to other toes or even to other people. Preventive measures may include applying topical fungal creams at home in conjunction with the PACT nail fungus therapy sessions.

PACT nail fungal therapy should only be operated by a qualified healthcare practitioner such as a podiatrist.

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