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Podiatrist Internship with East Coast Podiatry in Singapore

Internship Opportunities | East Coast Podiatry

Sani KAMIS, Senior Podiatrist and former Clinical Tutor at Brighton University

Jason CHU, fourth-year Podiatry student at QUT Australia.


First comes theory, now comes application.

Become a part of our legacy and enter into a world of Podiatry you have never seen before. It is not a job at East Coast Podiatry, it is a career. Are you ready for the challenge?


As an intern at East Coast Podiatry, you will take your theoretical learnings into real-world practice. You will be a part of a team which seeks to expand the boundaries of Podiatry and which challenges the status quo.


You will have the experience of working at our clinic locations in Kembangan, Orchard and Novena. Interns will be tasked to observe and assist with the assigned tutors in day-to-day clinical practice.


You will have the opportunity to hone a wide range of skills and by working with our diverse international team of podiatrists. Our interns are constantly exposed to the widest range of practice philosophies possible.


Prerequisites for application are at least the completion of 2 years of coursework in Podiatry, as well as enthusiasm, drive and commitment. Interns can expect to be in clinic five and a half days per week, 9am-6pm.


  1. The minimum period of internship is four full working weeks.
  2. Position is subject to availability.
  3. You should apply about six months before your preferred starting date.
  4. Short-notice positions are also possible, subject to availability.
  5. Check with your tutor or course coordinator if your university has an exclusive programme in place with East Coast Podiatry. Certain benefits or subsidies may be available.
  6. Please email us at, your CV, passport photo and cover letter addressing the Principal and Head of Department of the Practice to express your interest and reasons as to why you are keen to seek a career in Singapore.

At the end of your internship with us, a summary report of your performance will be provided to your University.