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Focused and Defocused Shockwave

Focused Shockwave

Focused Shockwave Therapy (FSWT) has been used for the conservative treatment of musculoskeletal pain for many years. Such treatment is supported by numerous medical studies as well as real-world healthcare applications. Like radial shockwave, focused shockwave therapy is approved by the US FDA and EU CE marked.


Focused shockwave can achieve a higher pulse pressure than a radial wave. It promotes positive biological effects such as:

  • Increase in cell permeability,
  • Stimulation of circulation in the smallest blood vessels,
  • The release of growth factors for the regeneration of blood vessels, skin, bones, collagen,
  • Stimulation of stem cells for tissue repair.

Defocused Shockwave

  • Promotes accelerated wound healing.
  • Diabetic Wound Healing

This cutting-edge technology is specifically designed to manage wounds associated with diabetes, such as chronic foot ulcers.

  • Supplements sharp wound debridement and advanced wound care.
  • Increases blood perfusion and tissue revascularization.
  • The shockwave influences the immune response in injured tissues and stimulates fibroblast

Defocused shockwave | East Coast Podiatry

In diabetic ulcers, the healing process is impaired in one of the stages of wound healing, typically at the inflammation and proliferation stages.


Using defocused shockwaves, the wound healing process is triggered by the activation of fibroblast proliferation, increased angiogenesis and collagen formation/maturation.


The shockwaves activate mother cells, the precursors of fibroblasts, and help release growth factors. At the level of the basal layer, the shockwave accelerates the division and differentiation of reticulocytes causing the retraction of the wound. The dermis and epidermis are regenerated and the wound is closed.


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Focused shockwave | East Coast Podiatry