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FAQ: Insurance Claims

Our Podiatrists will need to assess your condition first before they are able to advise you on what your condition is and what type of treatments they would recommend. You may schedule a consultation with us to start the process.

There are many similar insurance policies that many people have but due to various circumstances, your policy could cover very differently from another person with the same type of policy from even the same insurance agency.


Insurance policies can be largely different from local insurers to foreign insurers, and then corporate insurance. There are cases of exclusions, pre-existing conditions, lapses in premium payments, corporate insurance types and many more scenarios that affect your coverage.

Not necessarily, all claims are subject to final assessment by your underwriter. A full coverage on your policy document does not guarantee a full reimbursement.

Our Practice does not have direct billing arrangements with insurance companies. You will need to make full payment at our centre and seek personal reimbursement from your insurer.

Our Practice does not accept LOGs at the moment, patients will need to make full payment at our centre and seek personal reimbursement directly from their insurer.


Common Insurers in Singapore

  • Local Insurance Providers
    • AIA, Prudential, Great Eastern, GE, AXA, NTUC, AVIVA, Manulife
  • Foreign/Corporate Insurance Providers

Are Consultation Fees & Treatment Fees Insurance Claimable?

Your insurance policy document should indicate if Outpatient Podiatry Consultation / Assessment / Treatment fees are covered under your plan. Please note that all claims are subject to a final assessment by your underwriter.


Do check with your insurance provider:

  • That your insurance policy is in-force (active)
  • If you are subject to co-insurance, co-payables or deductibles
  • If you have exhausted your monthly/annual limit
  • Claim submission requirements

If in doubt, please contact your insurance provider directly to ascertain your insurance coverage.