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Ingrown Toenail Removal in Singapore – The Podiatric Method

The Specialists for Ingrown Toenail Removal


Ingrown nails occur when the edges of a nail become embedded under the skin, causing pain, inflammation, and even infection. If inadequately treated, they can recur again and again, and never truly go away. Oral antibiotics alone will not cure ingrown nails.


These are the most common impairment, especially in the big toe. The corners of a nail become imbedded in the sides of the nail causing irritation, redness and swelling.


A wound is often present which allows bacteria into the site.


Ingrown toenails may be caused by:

  • improperly trimmed nails, often a spike is left at the corner.
  • heredity
  • shoe pressure; crowding of toes
  • repeated trauma to the feet from normal activities
  • medication and conditions

If the nail is ingrown (breaking the skin) the pain and wound will have a difficult time healing without removing the spike. Infection can often be missed and lead to further problems.


People with eye sight issues, mobility issues, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or other circulatory disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, children/teenagers should avoid any form of self treatment and seek podiatry or medical care as soon as possible.


Please clean your toe with normal saline and apply an antiseptic solution to the area, cover with a plaster large enough to cover the area and seek podiatry help.




What can the Podiatrist do for me?

The podiatrist will remove the spike and cut back the nail to a length which will promote the nail to grow straight without causing pain and another spike/wound. They will apply a suitable dressing to help promote wound healing and reduce any localized infection. If the infection needs antibiotics the podiatrist will advise on this and ask you to see a doctor.


The dressing must be changed as the Podiatrist will recommend for you; this may be taught and done by yourself at home or the Podiatrist can help to do this.


Long term, if cutting back the ingrown toenails does not resolve the issue, the Podiatrist may suggest nail surgery for your case.

The Podiatric Method

  • Delicate Surgery Technique
  • No Stitches
  • Fast Recovery
  • 3% Chance of Recurring
  • As Painlessly as Possible
  • Aesthetically Nice Results

Podiatrists are trained to do small procedures as delicately as possible with precision and with as little damage to the surrounding flesh as possible.



Yes, many of our Patients who are eligible for claims have successfully been reimbursed by their insurance company for this procedure.


Our Podiatrist will have to examine your condition before they are able to advice you on the possibility of a claim.


Patients will have to check with their insurer regarding their policies and coverage. 


Local Insurance Companies such as: AIA, AVIVA, PRUDENTIAL, GREAT EASTERN etc.

  • Hospitalisation Plan
  • Personal Accident Plan

Foreign Insurance Companies such as: BUPA, AETNA, CIGNA etc.



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