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Should your kids wear these?


A frequent sight in the humid and warm conditions of Singapore, slippers are popular for their convenience and comfort. However, slippers are typically a poor choice of footwear for both children and adults due to their lack of support, lack of protection, and failure to secure both the heel and foot.

Due to a combination of these factors, wearing slippers excessively have the potential to affect a person’s gait, and subsequently, their body as it adjusts to the new way of movement. In particular, the toes grip tightly to secure a hold on the slipper. Over time, prolonged use can inflict changes onto the person’s musculoskeletal system. This is particularly problematic for children as their bodies are still growing.

High Heels

As children get older, they may wish to emulate their parents and other adults by wearing high heel shoes. These shoes are often unsuitable for children and can pose certain long-term risks for your child’s development with prolonged use.

Use of high heel shoes is accompanied by an increased risk of ankle sprains, bunions, toe deformities and other conditions due to the body adjusting to the altered posture created by the raised heels. This also increases stress on multiple parts of the body including the forefoot, knees and spine. As your child’s body is still growing, this altered posture and increased stress can result in permanent changes to your child’s body.

To avoid long-term discomfort, limit the time your child spends in them and have your child assessed for any musculoskeletal changes or defects that may occur.

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