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LifestyleAri Tria
June 2018

8 Tips for a healthier Ramadan and Hari Raya

These may look delicious, but beware of overindulging.   Food and Foot Part 2 – Effects of Festive Feasting Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, generosity and developing one’s self-control...

Medical ScienceBenedict Khoo
May 2018

Deadpool’s Healing Powers – Are They Realistic?

LifestyleGeorgina Tay
May 2018

Tips for a healthier Mother this Mother’s Day

Podiatric AdviceAfnan Maskari
April 2018

Foot Care for Everyone

There are over 7 Billion people in 193 countries and an innumerable number of cultural and social practices across..

GoutSani Kamis
March 2018

Dangers of a “Rich Diet”

When it comes to eating out, Singaporeans are no doubt one of the biggest spenders in Asia. Based on..

MusculoskeletalBenedict Khoo
March 2018

Plantar Fascia Tear

Experiencing Heel Pain? According to the 2017 Sports Index by Sport Singapore, a statutory board of the Ministry of..

BiomechanicsGeorgina Tay
March 2018

5 Tips To Prevent Running Injuries

Singaporeans love to run. In 2018 itself, there will be at least 50 fully-packed running events taking place on the island. It is no surprise, then, that Singapore’s National Sports Participation..

Toenail ConditionsEmily Mah
February 2018

Tropical Climate Causing Fungal Nail

InternshipGrace Wan
January 2018

My Internship with East Coast Podiatry | Grace Wan

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