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Peroneal Tendonitis

Peroneal tendonitis, or peroneal tendinopathy, is a condition that is characterised by pain or tenderness on the outside or back of the ankle. While usually caused by the overuse of the tendon, it is sometimes caused by an acute injury.


The peroneal tendon consists of two tendons, the peroneal brevis tendon and the peroneal longus tendon, that are attached to different parts of the foot. The main function of these tendons is to evert and pronate the foot as well as stabilise the ankle during activities such as walking or running.


  • Sharp pain or soreness on the outside of the foot which may spread to the outside of the ankle
  • Stiffness and soreness while doing ankle circles
  • Pain during weight-bearing activities or after activities
  • Ankle instability


  • Sudden acute injury to the tendons
  • Increased load such as running
  • Improper footwear
  • Biomechanical issues such as high arch or flat feet
  • Previous ankle injury/ sprain


Applying ice on the affected area will help to reduce the pain. Switching to more supportive footwear may also help to reduce the strain on the peroneal tendon. Stretching and strengthening exercises are also beneficial.


If the pain persists, a podiatrist can assess and diagnose the condition and recommend appropriate treatment. If the condition is biomechanical in nature, a full musculoskeletal assessment and custom orthotics will be able to reduce pain, correct problem and greatly reduce the chance of reoccurrence. Focal shockwave therapy will be able to reduce the pain and promote healing to the tendon and the affected areas.



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