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East Coast Podiatry is a part of Bupa’s Preferred Providers Network

East Coast Podiatry with Cigna

Bupa Corporate and Individual Policy Members

Find out if your policy covers Podiatry services and facilitate the submission of your claims by providing our staff your Bupa card or an image of your Bupa card upon initial registration.


Focus on your recovery, we’ll take care of the rest.

Simply follow the steps below to enjoy seamless insurance claims processing


Step 1

Call us directly at +65 6884 4123 for an appointment with our Podiatrist.


Step 2

Inform our clinic staff over the phone that you are a Bupa member and provide us with your Full Name, Date of Birth and Bupa Membership Number. Our staff may also ask you to WhatsApp both sides of your Bupa membership card to us.


Step 3

Bring along your Bupa membership card for verification on your appointment day.

Our Podiatrist will advise you on your eligibility for cashless services at our clinic.


Questions? Reach out to us directly at (+65) 6884 4123 or email us at


Deductibles are the accumulated amount that you will need to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. The specifics for this will depend on the details of your insurance policy. For more information on this, you may contact your HR department or Bupa’s hotline.