Defocused Shockwave Therapy

Defocused shockwave | East Coast Podiatry
Defocused shockwave | East Coast Podiatry

Defocused Shockwave, also called planar shockwave, is a type of electromagnetically generated shockwave which delivers concentrated energy at a more superficial level. This concentrated energy promotes accelerated wound healing, allowing practitioners to address slow-healing or non-healing wounds such as chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

Supplementing sharp wound debridement and advanced wound care, the defocused shockwave increases blood perfusion and tissue revascularization, enhancing skin re-epithelization or regrowth even for chronic non-healing wounds.

In diabetic ulcers, the healing process is impaired typically at the inflammation and proliferation stages of wound healing. This is due in part to elevated blood glucose levels, and prevents the skin from healing and closing around the wound.

The use of defocused shockwave kickstarts the process of wound healing, activating fibroblasts, rebuilding skin, and promoting blood perfusion at the wound site.

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