Michael Lai, D.P.M.

Michael Lai, D.P.M.

Principal Podiatrist
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, USA
  • Registered with The Association of Podiatric Medicine (Singapore)
United States of America
English, Mandarin
Clinical Interests: Lower Limb Biomechanics • Paediatric Foot Disorders • Geriatric Musculoskeletal Pain • Diabetic Wounds.

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Michael Lai is an American Podiatrist who has spent over a decade since 2009 practicing podiatric medicine in Singapore. Michael is a well-known podiatrist in Singapore who has been featured on the media such as appearing on Class 95FM, Channel 8, and on countless educational videos and interviews that can be found across social media platforms.

In private practice, Michael serves as Principal Podiatrist at East Coast Podiatry where he continues to use his specialist expertise to care for everyone from children with complex foot deformities, to elderly with leg and feet joint pains.

Michael received his surgical training and hospital residency training in the United States. He received his doctorate from the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999. As a specialist of the lower limb, Michael worked in major hospitals in the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Michael was recognized for his public health service at SGH with multiple Singhealth service quality awards. He has been interviewed on the media on multiple occasions and educates the general public through many health awareness videos. Michael also actively participates in professional education seminars and public health awareness campaigns. Among other events, he has lectured at the Singapore Expo (Footcare for Diabetic Elderly), the Inaugural International Orthopaedic Nursing Congress, the Supreme Court of Singapore, as well as written for the Straits Times on foot disorders.

“In the many years of my professional career as a foot specialist, I have seen too many children grow up with leg and foot disorders that could have been prevented during their childhood. I believe that this can be changed in Singapore with early awareness and education.”

Michael graduated as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999. From 1999 to 2007, he worked and trained as a resident physician in various major hospitals and clinic centres in the USA: The Foot Clinics of New York, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centre, and the New Jersey Veterans Administration Health Care System. He also trained in a surgical fellowship under distinguished podiatric professors at the Yale University School of Medicine.

After arriving in Singapore, Michael served for 6 years at Singapore General Hospital: first as a Senior Podiatrist, then as Principal Podiatrist. During this time, he was active in patient care, the training of new podiatrists, and public health administrative duties such as the drafting and updating of official clinical protocols.

Michael trained under luminaries in the field of podiatry such as Justin Wernick and Sheldon Langer, the founders of industry pioneer Langer Biomechanics Inc. As a result of these formative experiences, Michael has honed an intuitive clinical grasp of the myriad biomechanical conditions which can result in lower limb pain and dysfunction. Michael brings to bear his years of experience working in various major hospitals and medical centres in the United States. He utilises the podiatric strategy of risk prevention and limb salvage to help elderly patients avoid joint replacements, and to save diabetic patients from progressing to amputation.

One of Singapore’s top radio shows, Muttons in the Morning, invited Michael Lai to come on and explain the job of a podiatrist. Aside from sharing about the work done by podiatrists, Michael also explained how podiatrists are able to help those with lower limb conditions or pain in other parts of the body caused by lower limb issues.


Asia parenting community platform, theAsianparent, featured Michael Lai’s article on maintaining healthy feet for women in their pregnancy and after birth.

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  • General podiatric care (incl. scalpel work for wound debridement)
  • Shockwave Therapy (radial, focused)
  • Prescription Shoe Insoles (foot orthotics)
  • Prescription Ankle Foot Orthotics (for conditions such as drop foot)
  • Nail Surgery (minimal invasive technique with nailbed ablation)
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanning
  • Sports Taping
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  • Advanced Medical Shockwave Application (Focused & Radial) ISMST
  • Advanced Shockwave Application for fascia conditions
  • Advanced clinical assessments for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Managing drop foot and ankle deformity conditions with ankle foot orthoses
  • Sport Taping for stabilisation and increasing mobile function
  • Techniques on advance biomechanics assessment
  • Diagnostic ultrasound imaging
  • Sports Medicine
  • Vascular Conditions of the lower extremity
  • Orthopaedic related conditions
  • Wound Healing
  • Orthotics design
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