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Georgina Tay

Senior Podiatrist & Head of Department
Acute Care Team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre
BSc. Hons. Salford (UK)Member of U.K. Healthcare Professions Council

From: England, United Kingdom
Spoken Languages: English, basic medical terms in Mandarin, Malay and Hokkien
Clinical Interests: Bunions, Sesamoiditis, Metatarsalgia, Paediatric Walking Disorders


Georgina Callaghan-Tay is a Podiatrist from Warrington, England, and the co-founder of East Coast Podiatry and Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre. Georgina is a new mother and has settled down in Singapore as a Permanent Resident with her Singaporean husband and daughter.


Arriving in 2012, Georgina served as a podiatrist at Singapore General Hospital then at NHG Polyclinics before establishing East Coast Podiatry in order to pursue her dream of starting a high-quality podiatry service in private practice.


As Head of Department in East Coast Podiatry, Georgina oversees the clinical aspect of the ECP group practice with Dr. Michael Lai who was formerly her Principal Podiatrist and mentor from Singapore General Hospital. Georgina graduated from the University of Salford in the U.K. with a degree with Honours in the field of Podiatry.


Having been in both public and private practice for a number of years, Georgina is a well-rounded practitioner. As HOD, Georgina is driven by her desire to advance podiatric standards in Singapore.


As a young mother, Georgina’s interest in paediatric cases has only amplified, and her passion for paediatric cases and children with special needs has only grown. She also maintains a special interest in all generalized lower limb conditions including ingrown toenail surgery, arthritis, forefoot pain and chronic musculoskeletal pains. As a co-founder of the Acute Care team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, Georgina’s mandated mission is salvaging diabetic limbs and helping diabetic patients avoid amputations.



Georgina worked with the U.K. National Health Services before moving to Singapore to serve at Singapore’s oldest and largest hospital, the Singapore General Hospital. After that, she worked within community and primary care settings at the National Healthcare Group of Polyclinics (NHGP), where she was active in public health awareness campaigns and assisted in setting up and running new high-risk lower limb services.


Over her time in Singapore, Georgina has gained ample experience with treating local common medical conditions, treating patients with rheumatologic conditions, paediatric conditions, nail disorders, stress fractures, diabetic complications, and lower limb aches and pains regularly. She works closely with other health and medical specialists to ensure patients are treated promptly and sufficiently.


Georgina actively contributes to the profession through workshops, community events and writing articles for platforms including ‘Just Run Lah’ and ‘Asian Parent’. In private practice, Georgina has continued her community work, leading her team to participate in pro-bono screenings for the less fortunate and students in schools.


Georgina remains a licensed and registered member of the UK Health Professions Council (HCPC).