Millie Brown

Millie BROWN, BSc (Hons.)

Clinical Interests: Sports Injuries • Knee Pain • Nail Conditions

Millie’s interest in podiatry began at the age of 9 when she visited a podiatrist for foot pain. Her interest was rekindled when she met a podiatrist while traveling in Europe. Millie enjoys being a podiatrist as she meets different people with different conditions every day. This allows her to continuously expand her knowledge and experience daily.

Millie’s interest in boosting the physical and mental health of the population came about during her research for her dissertation. Over her research, she found that an active lifestyle reduced the occurrence of mental health complications. When we are happier, we work harder, sleep better, and feel better which in turn creates a better environment for our friends, family, and colleagues. This has led Millie to develop a keen interest in pain reduction for her patients and ensuring that her patients follow the protocols for injury recovery and prevention.

Sports Injuries

“Many people who play sports or have a recent increase in activity often experience pain which can be frustrating, painful and demotivating. This affects not only your physical health but also can affect mental health. As a result, it is greatly recommended that you seek treatment as soon as possible to see a podiatrist sooner. Her goal is to get people back to their desired activity levels as soon as possible.”

Knee Pain

“Knee pain is very common among a variety of people but is particularly common amongst older people who have arthritic changes. This can, and often will develop over time if no intervention has been implemented. Due to the changes in bone formation, increase in age and weight changes, the bones rub against each with increasing force. Knee pain can also occur in younger children while maturing/growing. The right interventions, if necessary, can reduce pain and discomfort and help guide the child’s body in the right directions for optimal growth. If you have concerns about your child’s lower limb development do not hesitate to get in touch.

Of course, knee pain also develops in the general population through accidents. From experience, this occurs most frequently among people who do no warming up and stretching before activity. Knee aches and pains can also arise due to malalignment and affect those with active or sedentary lifestyles. Stretching and strengthening certain muscles can help realign the lower limb which helps reduce pain. The correct diagnosis is key in treating and preventing knee conditions.”

Nail Conditions

“Nail conditions occur very regularly in Singapore due to the humid environment. They can often be unpleasant to look at, painful and embarrassing. In addition to this some nail conditions are contagious and can spread easily to those in close proximity such as family and friends. To prevent this, patients with such conditions should seek treatment as soon as possible.”

Millie qualified as a podiatrist from the university of Huddersfield with a first-class degree in Podiatry. During her time at university, she worked at the National Health Service as a clinic assistant in a diabetic centre. There, she was able to work closely with other allied health practitioners and specialists such as vascular surgeons and radiologists.

Prior to moving to Singapore, Millie worked as a lifeguard and a swimming teacher for six years, developing a love for working with children and the experience to handle them under difficult conditions. She enjoys spending time outdoors and experiencing the different cultures and cuisines of the world.

  • General treatments (incl. scalpel work for wound debridement)
  • Shockwave Therapy (radial, focused)
  • Prescription Shoe Insoles (foot orthotics)
  • Prescription Ankle Foot Orthotics (for conditions such as drop foot)
  • Nail Surgery (minimal invasive technique with phenolisation)
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanning
  • Sports Taping

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