Miconazole Lacquer with Debridement Tool

Usage Instructions

  1. Hold the metal nail file in the proper way as shown on the left.
  2. Gently file the top of the toenail with the nail file to remove any dirt or debris that may be present.
  3. Hold the metal nail file at a 45-degree angle to the toenail and file in a downward motion, starting at the edge of the nail and working your way towards the center.
  4. Continue filing until the nail is smooth and flat. Avoid filing too much as it can cause the nail to become thin and weak.
  5. Use a clean cotton ball or pad to remove any debris left on the nail.
  6. Apply the miconazole lacquer to the entire surface of the nail and let it dry completely before putting on shoes or socks.

    Do this one to two times a week as instructed by your podiatrist.

  7. After one to two weeks of application, remove the layer of lacquer on your nails with the nail file.

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