Who Sees a Vascular Doctor?

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

The Vascular system, otherwise known as the circulatory system, is made up of vessels that carry blood throughout the body. These vessels are comprised of arteries and veins that supply our bodies tissues with vital nutrients and oxygen.

Why is Vascular assessment so important?

A study by Bowker et al, 2001 in the Diabetic Foot states that mortality following a lower limb amputation ranges from 13-40% at 1 year to 39-80% at 5 years. These statistics show that if the vascular disease is recognized in the earliest of stages, then a patient can avoid premature death, lead a healthier life without the associated complications from vascular disease.

Looking after our vascular system does not only require a balanced diet, exercising and avoiding known risk factors but also to encourage individuals to carry out screening with their Podiatrist periodically. Addressing these symptoms when they first appear will prevent the likelihood of early onset disease. At East Coast Podiatry, our team of specialists can provide comprehensive consultations, thorough assessments and if deemed necessary, effective interventions or therapies.

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