Wound Care

Usage Instructions

Use your shower sleeve when taking a bath. Ensure feet are always kept clean and dry.

Clean your foot with alcohol wipes or wet towel.

Remove your dressings.

Note if there is any increased redness, pus, swelling, warmth or pain around the wound and report to your Podiatrist via Whatsapp.

Use the Antimicrobial Cleansing Solution (Clinisept) and spray to your entire wound.

Dry the wound with the sterile gauze provided. Wipe from the base of the toe towards the end when cleaning. Gently remove any loose debris from wound.

Take a photo for reference and send it to your Podiatrist.

Apply iodine to the wound site thoroughly as instructed.

Cover toe with adhesive plaster (i.e. Primapore).

Keep the wound CLEAN, DRY AND COVERED.

Repeat the above dressing protocol twice daily.

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